Friday, March 20, 2009

Trip to Atlanta

Well, last weekend we were back on the road - this time just Reed and me for a weekend in Atlanta. We stayed at "Grandma Kay' s" house, and saw a lot of family & friends.

Playing w/ Grandma

This floor gym was money well spent...he will just lay there and giggle and kick his feet and wave his arms all around!

Bath time with Aunt Sara and Mommy...Reed managed to kick the plug out of the bottom of the baby bath tub and we flooded the counter...whoops! Grandma didn't get mad though because grandkids can do no wrong :)

Ashley and I went to a huge consignment sale in Decatur on Friday. Then we stopped by to see April who lives nearby. We had a fun lunch and some girl time. At the time of the visit, April was very pregnant, 3 days past her due date. We teased her and said we'd send her into labor. Well, sure enough -- WE DID! April went into labor LATE Friday night, early Saturday morning. She had the baby on Saturday evening. (Picture further below!)
Ashley, April, (Ashley's daughter) Taylor, me & Reed

April & Taylor (that's the tu tu and pinwheel I gave her!)

Taylor took this picture of Reed and me - sorry for all the double chins :)

My little sleepy head

Taylor really liked Reed's carseat and his toy -- Reed slept through it all (thank goodness!)

Sweet Taylor - who calls me "Beck Beck" -- she's growing so fast - she'll be turning 2 in a couple of weeks!

On Saturday night, we had a family dinner at Mom and Randall's house with the Thornton side of the family. It was great to see everyone and for them to meet Reed. Mom made some delicious lasagna!My cousin Stephen & Reed
Uncle Jerry, Aunt Denise, & (Stephen's wife) Noami
Aunt Sara (can you tell she's a proud aunt?!?)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST...I went visit April in the hospital on Sunday before coming back to South Carolina. It was so nice to meet sweet baby Lily.
Congratulations Apri & Brian!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Gatlinburg & First Haircut

A few weeks ago we met Matt's parent's in Gatlinburg for a weekend visit and Reed's first haircut. Yes, at only 2 1/2 months, my child needed his first haircut. You may think that sounds crazy, but as you can see...he really did need a trim!

A proud "Joy"
On our way to the outlet mall to get Matt some work clothes.
(Doesn't Reed look thrilled about shopping?!?)
Okay, here are the before shots for the haircut. We couldn't resist having a little fun!

Baby Mohawk!

Here we go....

"Are you done yet, Joy?!"

Bathtime after haircut and then snuggles from Joy

Cute new haircut = cute bed head the next morning!

Well, since we were in TN...Reed decided to represent and wear his TN Volunteer shirt - dad followed here are my little "Volunteers." (Not to worry, my GA family & friends...we will see Reed in his bulldawg wear. He his after all "mixed" -- a TN Bulldawg or a GA Volunteer)

Matt's brother, Vince and my sister-in-law, Carter and our nephews and niece came down to spend the day on Saturday with us.
Briley Jo loves to hold Reed! Aren't they cute?!?

A couch full of Owens'!!

Sunday morning before we left...Joy gave Reed his Easter Basket (because we won't see them on Easter morning)

"Dad, look at all my Easter treats!"

My handsome boy and his new 'do!

Reed with Joy and Pa

This was one of THREE loads to the car.
It's amazing how ONE small baby requires SO MUCH gear!

Well, what says "Gatlinburg" more than Dolly Parton?!? (Reed wasn't amused...)

Pa and Reed's matching flannel shirts...cute!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Church on Sunday

Reed's been going to Sunday School with us for the past few weeks. He stays in our class because he's not quite old enough to go to the nursery...he'll go in a couple of weeks. It's nice to be back at church. I'm going to be helping with Vacation Bible School this year in June at our church. (We snapped the pictures after we came home from church. -- Brady is always extra cuddly after we return home, he jumps up on the couch and wants to rub all over me!)

A Walk in the Park

A couple weeks ago, we took Reed to the park for his first visit. I think Brady REALLY enjoyed it...he has cabin feaver from all this cold weather. Reed got hungry barely into our walk and started eating the straps of his stroller. So we headed back to the van to eat. Afterwards we were back on the trail -- it was nice to enjoy the sunshine and get some exercise. We're looking forward to the warmer weather and going to the park more often (on a full belly, of course!)

Grandma's Visit

My mom (Grandma Kay) came to vist a couple weeks ago. It was so nice to have her here (and hold the baby while I ran around doing things!) As you can see, she didn't seem to mind holding the baby, rocking him and styling his hair. We can't wait for Grandma to come back!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day...we had a sweet one.
Matt made tuna steaks and Reed helped me make blondie brownies. Even Brady had a special dinner.

Matt's Outfit

This is the outfit that Matt wore home from the hospital when HE was born. I had to snap a few pictures of Reed in his dad's outfit for Joy. Good thing she reminded me, he almost didn't fit into the outfit. It was too cold in December for him to wear the same outfit, unfortunatly.

February Snow Day

Our SECOND snow day this year!! I wasn't going to miss taking Reed's picture in the snow this time. We got all bundled up and ran to the neighbor's house to get her to snap a picture. Maybe next year, we can play in the snow.