Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Picture

Happy Easter on Sunday! I wanted to snap a cute picture of Reed in his bunny ears.
If you have kids or know it takes a million shots to get a couple good pictures.
Here are the best bunny shots followed by the outtakes...

He's my funny bunny :)

Harrison's Baby Dedication

The last weekend in March, we attended a baby dedication for our friends Brandie and Nick's son, Harrison. Harrison is 3 months older than Reed. Brandie and I are looking forward to our boys playing together as they grow older. This was Reed's first experience in a church service and also "dressing up" for church. His behavior was okay for church -- I had to exit as we sang the first hymn. As far as his dress up clothes...I think he looked so cute, if I do say so myself!
Brandie and Mr. Harrison
Matt & Reed
(Those are Matt's baby shoes Reed is wearing...isn't that neat?!?
Joyce did such a great job saving them for Reed all these years.
I wonder if I can make them last another 30 years?!?

Not sure what happened here...he was probably mad that he didn't get to
sample any of the delicious desserts ;-P

Brandie and Becky
(with our boys)

Reed fell asleep before we were leaving, woke up as we were walking out the door of the church and then this is what happened when I laid him down in the van to change is diaper...out again.

Late March

"In like a lion, out like a lamb" -- We've been enjoying some of the nice spring weather (minus all the yucky pollen!) We took Reed for his first picnic a couple of weeks ago. He slept through the whole thing. Matt and I had a nice date. We've always really enjoyed picnics. In fact when we were dating, that was one of our favorite things to do together. Matt would make the best picnic food.

Matt and I enjoyed each other...Reed enjoyed sleeping...Brady enjoyed the nature: squirrels, birds and other dogs. All together, fun for everyone :)

The weekend of March 21st was the McLeod Sports Medicine Fun Run/5 K Run. Our friends, Ann and Daniel came into town for the event. Daniel used to work with Matt and now they live in Atlanta. More importantly, they brought Jasper, their dog. Jasper is Brady's favorite friend. Seriously, all the pictures you see on our blog and Facebook, when Brady's looking at the camera, it's because we've just said "Jasper." It's like saying "cheese" before snapping a picture of Brady!

For anyone who's been worried about Brady's "adjustment" to Reed's arrival...not to worry...he's still a prince, too. That's right, the dog sleeps in our bed and the child sleeps in his own crib. This is how Brady was sleeping one morning recently...right on Matt's pillow. Yes, he's rotten...I know.

And lastly, by the end of March, Reed had decided that his fingers worked much better than a pacifier. I can't say I'm really makes things easy. And it's so cute to hear on the baby monitor in the middle of the night. If Reed gets a little fussy, I'll just lay there and wait. Eventually, I hear him find his fingers and hear the sweet sound of him sucking away, soothing himself. It's so darn cute!