Tuesday, June 23, 2009

May Trip to Rome

At the beginning of May we all took a trip to Rome, GA to visit Ashley, Kevin & Taylor. Ashley was my college roommate. Taylor is 2 years old and has personality to spare! She calls Reed "Baby Reed." She was really good with Reed and really enjoyed all his toys.

Reed and Matt goofing around

Matt had just given Reed a "raspberry"
Caymen, Brady, Taylor, Becky & Reed
Ashley's mom, Teri, stopped by to meet Reed. Taylor is "winking" in the picture

We had a party on Saturday night with our friends and babies.
Lilly and Reed got to meet for the first time! Lilly is 3 months younger than Reed.
Ashley, Allison, April & Becky (I fell left out b/c my name doesn't begin with an "A")
It was so great to see everyone!
Brady had a little too much fun at the party. He disappeared under the deck and um...reappeared as a brown dog. We just let him stay down there and be a dirty dog...it was hilarious. He kept trying to get back on the deck with us. He was probably eating worms or something disgusting! BOYS!

Here's the "after" picture. Matt had to wash him twice in a cooler outside.
"You play, you pay" That's what we tell Brady.

And finally, we couldn't leave the state of GA without Grandma and Aunt Sara seeing Reed.