Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rolling Over!

Yea! A few weeks ago Reed started rolling over.
Here are some action shots..

Almost there...

Boom...on the tummy!

Sitting up (with help) playing with the farm toy.

Grandma's Visit in April

Grandma came to visit Reed in April. (Let's face it...Matt and I are content in knowing that we are now just Reed's mommy & daddy)
"Grandma, your fingers taste good!"
Grandma loves to give Reed a bath. Here he is in the "big boy" bathtub. He looks like he's saying: "Um...a little privacy, please!" He's doing well in his little bathtub seat...won't be long and he'll be slashing in the whole tub and playing with the toys.
All clean!

Brady, before long, Reed's going to be chasing you and trying to ride you -- LOOK OUT!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Aunt Sara's Visit

My sister, Sara, came to visit us in late April. She arrived just after Reed got out of the tub. Brady was extra excited to see Aunt Sara, too!

Sara showed Reed another way to play with his toys. Why reach when you can just kick?!?

"Thank you for my jammin' new style, Aunt Sara!" That's "Blue" in the picture with Reed. He likes to hold Blue while I change his diaper. Even in the middle of the night, if he starts to cry while I'm changing him, Blue will calm him down :)

Thanks for coming to see us Sara...come back soon!


Ever since Reed was born, we've been bathing him in Matt's bathroom (which now is really Reed's bathroom) on the counter, in his baby bathtub. Well, towards the end of April, Reed started kicking so much and flailing so much that is started becoming dangerous (and quite messy). So this is Reed's last bath in his baby bath tub. So cute and squeaky clean :-)

Reed really needs a bath to wash his hair.

Hippity Hoppity -- Easter Time

Reed is starting to discover Brady. They have pretty much ignored each other up to this point. But now Reed likes to grab Brady's fur. Luckily he hasn't pulled it yet. Brady still thinks he's the center of attention though.

April brought some pleasant weather and we finally got to introdue Reed to the hammock. Matt and I bought our hammock to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. I LOVE to lay in the hammock and daydream or look at the stars. One of the many nice things about living in S.C. is that it's hammock weather almost all year long!

When Reed smiled for this carseat shot, I just had to get a look back at his first picture in his carseat. Boy, he's growing so fast. A few days old to 4 months old--look how he's grown!

Reed's first Easter. I know it may seem silly to make a big deal about a holiday for a 4 month old, but as most of you know, I LOVE holidays. And I intend to make a big deal out of them all for Reed - especially the first ones :0) Here we all are, ready for church: clean, dressed and smiling (well, almost everyone is smiling!)

Reed's first Easter basket. I debated on what to get him for a while...then finally settled on diapers, shoes, clothes and a toy. Maybe next year he can have some chocolate. And he'll be old enough for an egg hunt. In the mean time, he looked so cute in his Easter clothes!